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The Cold Spring Harbor, New York, Fire District ("the Fire District") is a municipality that collects taxes from the residents of the Fire District for Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Services. The Fire District is represented by five (5) elected commissioners that serve five (5) year terms. The Fire District is a separate entity from the Cold Spring Harbor Fire Department, which is a private membership non-for-profit.

The Fire District employs a 24/7/365 staff of Dispatchers that handle emergency communications for the Cold Spring Harbor Fire Department, along with 24/7/365 Paramedics who respond to all fire and emergency medical responses.

The Fire District's Senior Firehouse Attendant (a/k/a District Manager) is Andy Magerle and the District's Treasurer is Sean Flanagan.


Brian Sweeney

Peter Como

Kevin J. Obrien

William Tremblay

James Walkin
James (Jim) Walkin has been a volunteer member of the Cold Spring Harbor Fire Department since 2011. Jim also serves as a Fire Commissioner and the Secretary to the Board of Fire Commissioners.

*Please find a copy of the 2024 Proposed Annual Budget below*

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